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USA | Cocoa, FL

— Diamondback Airboats

Diamondback Airboats, established in 1989, has built its reputation on introducing new designs and products. Diamondback strives to build airboats with the highest quality, design and application in the airboat industry. The success of Diamondback Airboats is due to the dedication of Bobby Fleckinger and his team of dedicated employees in building airboats that are superior in handling and performance.

USA | Melbourne, FL

— Hamant Airboats

Hamant Airboats is a custom airboat manufacturer, with no two boats that are alike. They can build your dream boat, to the specifications you request, making your experience out on the water a great one. If you don’t know exactly what you want, they’ll sit down with you to figure out the features that fit your unique needs. They also offer new and used parts for airboats.

USA | Orange, TX

— American Airboats

American Airboats designs boats that are being used in some of the most adverse terrains imaginable over many different parts of the world. They’ve research and design methods developed over the years to eliminate areas that would have ended up as cracks or breaks and use the highest-grade materials available (marine grade 5086, the same as the U.S. Navy). It is resistant to over 400 chemical agents, including salt water. Every handcrafted boat is welded by highly skilled Coast Guard certified welders.

USA | Steinhatchee, FL

— Florida Airboat Partners (Previously: Poor Boys - PB)

Florida Airboat Partners specializes in building custom airboats for both recreational and commercial applications that are built to manufactures specifications. We also offer a wide range of services including metal fabrication, new and used airboat parts, repairs, and maintenance.

USA | Umatilla, FL

— Airboats Unlimited

With over 45 years of building airboats they have “broke trail” for others to enjoy! Their experience means “stick-time” providing a boat that is not only comfortable but fun and affordable to operate.

Specializing in aircraft-powered airboats every boat they manufacture is built in a jig to exacting tolerances and to the customer’s specifications. Every boat is built with pride and professionalism!

USA | Galesville, WI

— Gale Marine

Whether on ice, snow, water, or mud, their boats can make it through rough terrain. This is thanks to the durable Gale Marine hull, which is designed to hold up to these challenges.  With every custom boat build, they strive to design a durable and uniquely tailored boat to fit their customers’ needs

USA | Loreauville, LA

— Gator Tail

Based in Loreauville Louisiana, Gator-Tail Outboards is the vision of Kyle Broussard. This unique patented design was the first mud motor of its kind to hit the market. His innovative solution provides increased thrust and drivability while delivering relatively maintenance-free operation.

USA | Cocoa, FL

— Panther Airboats

With over 50 years in the same location and unparalleled experience, Panther Airboats continues to lead the way by pushing the envelope of airboat technology. With options such as our gear to gear counter-rotation, genuine GM emissions-compliant marine engines, and the latest hull designs, Panther continues its constant pursuit of producing the finest airboats available.

USA | Denison, TX

— Elite Airboats

Elite Airboat Company has been in business since 2013 specializing in custom airboats, mud boats, outboard boats, jet boats, and bay boats. With over 15 years of building experience they strive to make your dreams and visions come true.

USA | Palm Bay, FL

— Water Thunder Performance

Water Thunder Performance has decades of airboat engine building experience. Specializing in Chevy LS motors, they provide both Carburetor and Electronic Fuel Injection motors made to order for your application.

USA | Pompano Beach, FL

— Schmidt Airboat Store

Schmidt Airboat Store has been a part of the airboat community for over 35 years. They strive to deliver the best customer service and help fellow airboat owners keep their boats running safely and effectively. The store is stocked with all the necessities for your airboat as well as gator and frog hunting supplies.

USA | Vidor, TX

— Patriot Airboats

Patriot Airboats custom builds each boat to order. Both new and used boats are available, and they can help repair any airboat regardless of brand. With over 30 years of experience, they offer fast friendly service and are there for all your airboat needs.

USA | Elba, AL

— Circle H Airboats

Custom built airboats made in the USA. We are a family owned and operated business located in Elba, Alabama.

USA | Alva, FL

— Glen Southern Enterprises

Southern Enterprises was established in December 2002, in Alva, Florida and is owned and operated by Glenn Fichter. Southern Enterprises is the South Florida dealer for Sensenich and Warp Drive Propellers and Diamondback Airboats.  We specialize in full deck aluminum hulls built with only the highest quality materials.